Sarah Whitehouse Actress

"Some fine performances, particularly from Sarah Whitehouse as Brenda-Marie."

Jeremy Miles 2009​

​“Sarah Whitehouse’s energetic, loveable Brenda-Marie was beautifully played”

Linda Kirkman - Scene One 2009

"The film is also beautifully cast among the supporting players including Jay Ford and Sarah Whitehouse, the latter two performers whom portray Andrew and Jessica twenty years after the story begins."

Richard Propes - The Independent Critic 2013

"Sarah Whitehouse merges Russian landowner and English County Lady perfectly to create a gorgeously comedic character."


​Rod Dungate 2011 Comedy Chekhov.

"Acting of the highest quality"


David Carlisle - 2014 Review of 'The Woman on the Bridge'


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Sarah is a classically trained actress and since graduating has worked continuously in Film, TV, Radio and Theatre.

She has bases in both London and the West Midlands.